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A Dance of Lights

This night was an important one for Issac. The air was crisp, the sky clear, and the moon full. But most importantly, he had sent a lens of the observatory's telescope to one of his father's contacts in Berlin for a series of refining enchantments, and it had arrived by owl that morning. He had quickly began to reassemble the telescope that day, and was currently carrying up the lens to the observatory - The first time he had actually used the room to observe the stars since coming to this school. Nothing was wrong with the telescope, of course. However it didn't stand up to more modern standards of telescopes. Granted those standards he was looking to achieve were that of muggles, but he saw no reason to pursue such a level of ability and versatility with magic. Which is why he had shipped a lens to a man named Adalbert in Germany to get it enchanted for his needs. A process which cost him a good many galleons, and that was at a discount. But it was absolutely worth it.

He opened the doors of the observatory wide, moving to one of the tables nearest the telescope. He set the lens down carefully on the table. He had moved some additional furniture - a few tables, a writing desk, a couch, and a couple armchairs - up here in his off time between studies and classes. It was a nice place, and not many people found themselves up there. It made it the perfect working environment, if not a little lonely at times. He had made many discoveries up here, both in his own arcane abilities, and in his personal studies of wand craft. He glanced at his thaumic refraction setup on the far wall. At the moment it was nothing impressive, just a few lenses on stands, but it had become invaluable for testing his own compatibility with various woods and cores in wands. But that was a thought for another day. Tonight, he was here to watch the stars.

He moved to pull the chain that opened the large sliding doors, staring up at the sky above him. The air quickly drew colder, and he could see his breath as he stared up at the sky. "Absolutely gorgeous.." he said in awe. The stars were incredible. The castle was so far from the muggle lights, it felt like you could see on forever, each point of light standing out against the void. He took a moment more to admire the view, then looked back to the lens on the table. "Right then, back to it."

He didn't want to take the risk of using any sorts of magic on the lens for fear of damaging it. He had wrapped it in soft cloth and had solely handled it with cotton gloves to avoid smudging it. He walked back over to it and gently lifted it. He slowly climbed up to place it back into the telescope, gently unwrapping the cloth and carefully sliding it back into place. "Easy does it," he said as it slid into the bronze housing. The lens seemed almost impossibly clear, only visible by a faint blue glow coming from the material. He secured it in place and climbed down. He looked back at his work and gave a satisfied nod. "Now," he said, moving to the other end, "here comes the fun part."