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Cendri's footsteps were soft as she moved into the hospital wing, clutching her cheek. She was absolutely embarrassed. Being rather prideful as she was, admitting pain wasn't something she liked doing. However the longer she'd tried to convince herself she'd be fine without her first trip to the hospital wing the worse it had gotten.

She wasn't one for normally daydreaming while wandering the halls, for good reason, when Cendri lost herself in thought the entire world around her dulled into quiet white noise and black and white colors, she wouldn't respond unless physically touched or unless she wasn't very deep in her own head. As such she hadn't actually noticed she had been walking to a stairwell until she was left dazed and confused at the bottom.

She was sporting a few soon-to-be bruises and a particularly nasty looking cut on her face, "Ummm... Hello? Is anyone here?"
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Re: Accident

*Hearing something coming from outside her office she comes out to see a student, it looked as if she was holding her cheek and notice a cut on her face*

That looks like a nasty cut. Please take a seat on one of the beds over there and I get you fixed up. *She smiles gently and gestures towards the row of beds as she heads over to her potions cabinet* Would you mind telling me what happened?
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