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Post Thu Oct 05, 2006 6:55 pm

*walks past the globe and notices that Kush is standing there.* Professor Bloodthorne must be back! Welcome Back Professor, it's been lonely with out you. *Continues onto her class not wanting to disturb her head of house with trivial greetings*
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*Trouble clips down the hall on her way to class, the sound of her bootheels slowing as she passes Professor Bloodthorne's door. She stops for a moment, and stares at the orb, misty now, and silent. She'd heard murmerings in the night of a departure, and had confirmed it all that morning. Feeling ridiculous, because he never liked her--or any Enigmite for that matter--anyway, she brushes a solitary tear from her cheek. Despite the dark brooding angst and the coldness, he'd still been one of her favorites, and Divinations one of her favorite subjects. She brushes another tear away and then, snuffling slightly, straightens her back and lifts her chin. She makes a sudden decision to hang on to her most recent assignment--one never knew. She whispers.*

Safe journies, Professor.

*She spins on her heel, and continues down the hallway.*
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Post Thu Nov 09, 2006 11:37 am

*Wandering aimlessly through the halls, Vally finds herself in front of the vacant office of her beloved head of house. Having nowhere in particular to be, she slides to the floor against the opposite wall, and props her chin on her knees, willing the orb to come to life, yet knowing it won't happen.*
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