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After the meltdown only days before with the trial and daring escape of both the Headmaster and Professor Bloodthorn, Zambalthar was unsure how to feel about things. Bloodthorn was about as far removed from the overgrown elf as an egg from a person; but for whatever reason, the elf liked him. And that Kennsington shortsighted could one human be?

Either way, Zambalthar never really talked to or even had a single class with Kraven, and he wanted to see what else he could learn about him....what better place than his office, right?

As he walked through the halls, Zam ignored the other students and their confused expressions. He had been strangely quiet now for the past few days after the trial and finding the strange little wild girl he called Mowgli. Professor Boudreaux essentially left the scared little thing in his care, and since then he had been making sure she ate and was attempting to teach her english and simple was not going well.

He rounded the corner that lead to Kraven's office and saw the door with the orb in it. He cocked his head to the side as he looked over the object. His look of puzzlement was only enhanced by the way his ears moved to match the motions of his eyebrows.

"So, you are that orb thingy, huh?" he asked the inanimate object.

He sat in front of the door and held his knees in his arms in a very child like way, waiting for some kind of response from the orb. He knew the thing was capable of speech through what he was told from other students; but he wanted to discover if he could get any other information out of the blasted thing....or at least see what he could do to help.
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Re: Curiosities

Amelia made her way through the corridor of the dungeons, more books on muggle/wizard relations weighing down her arms. Now a few tomes speaking of Wizarding purity rested on the top, and Amelia hoped she could use them in her notes to point out the idiocies of sticking to wizard-only-policies. As she neared Bloodthorne's office, the elf plopped down on the floor caught her eye, and a small, sad smile reached her lips.

Makng her way over quietly, she looked down at the elf, who she had rarely spoken to before.

"Professor Bloodthorne would not take kindly to someone stalking his office," when she spoke, her voice was quiet, and kind. "and that orb will wield no new information to you, unfortunately."

She turned her gaze to the door, looking at it pensively. Her interactions with the Professor had been sparse, but she had found the man very interesting. Amelia had been interesting to find that she didn't find the abrasive man frightening at all. After all the horror stories, she had expected the Boogey Man, and sure, Bloodthorne was a rude and bitter man, but he had brought upon intrigue rather than intimidation.

Breaking away from her musings, Amelia turned her attention back down to Zambalthar.

"I doubt you're much of a bookworm, but I've been researching Muggle and Wizard relations throughout history, trying to find some instances where it was profitable. I doubt any of it will help anything... but it's something." her emerald gaze glared at the floor for a moment, before her calm returned. "You are more than welcome to join me in the Great Hall if you'd like."
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