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Back again.

All was quiet in the lab. Suddenly a breeze swept through ruffling papers. The breeze soon turn into a strong gust as a hole appeared in midair and Trent shot out of the portal like a cork out of a bottle.

Trent, the wind knocked out of him, picked himself up off the floor.

"Maldraco's Beard, the portal potion has way too much kick!" Sniffing the bottle, he said "Too much Essence of Blueberry I think."

Trent thought back to the last few days. The restoration of the Lobostro fountain had given him an idea on how to restore the Fountain of Youth. Unfortunately, he had run afoul of a few traps left behind by Drake. Looking at the gash in his leg, he touched it tenderly and winced at the pain.

"One for you, Drake. Pretty nasty, but nothing a potions master can't handle."

Pulling down a Wiggenweld potion from the shelf, he downed it...and nothing happened.

"Ok, better shot than I thought...round two."

After trying a number of restorative potions and elixirs with little effect, Trent finally applied a bandage to the wound.

"Looks like this gets healed the Muggle way."

Grabbing a cane that was by the door to his quarters, Trent limped out of the lab.
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